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What the…

Whoa, where am I? Am I still on earth? Am I still alive?

Just more than a month that I’ve been missing on action (on the net) and yet, here I am trying to catch on the blazing fast cyber changes. Oh crap, what am I trying to say… this might be the effect of a slight alcohol. Ooops, did I just slip my type? Heck. Its just a bottle, and yet the effect is like I drank 6 bottles – or 12 bottles, or 18 bottles, or 1 case of beer.

I’m still okay though, no puking, no dramas, no trouble. I’m only celebrating life, along with colds. Next year would be another year of challenges, and this is time that I only feel I am aging – in contrast of celebrating my birthday, that it just feels like an ordinary day.

Did I ever blog that I DO love the new WordPress Admin? Ah, yeah, I blogged just now. This kick some ass. I’m diggin’ the new rockin’ admin. Love love love love! As a web designer, I can rate the usability of the new admin as 8.5 stars out of 10 stars. Why? Its just an estimate, it is close to perfect and nearly there, but I think there are still more to work on. THOUGH, I can say it is a big leap of improvement. Sorry, I might be 100 years behind of loving the new wp admin, I just got to blog just right now (and I’m missin’ it :(– ).

And oh, for the readers, DON’T DRINK and BLOG please. Learn from me. Trust me, you’ll regret it the next day.

Happy Holidays guys! 🙂 Hmnn… is there a smiley integration here I’m feeling? Oh well, I’m blogging via QuickPress though. My love for WordPress is going strong. ♥


Friendster Blogs from Typepad to WordPress!

Quite amusing, I rant so much about the friendster blog which don’t have any improvements at all since it launched, and here they are, at last, moved a finger in blogs. They’ve migrated from Typepad to WordPress blogging platform. It was in beta earlier this September, and finally launched, which I’m not sure when it did. All I know is that I received a notification through email that I had a pingback from my friendster blog to this blog. =p Perhaps people can start going back from multiply to friendster? I don’t think so, most bloggers will do I guess (wordpress’ SEO is REALLY a big advantage + friendster domain), but some features aren’t polished yet.

I haven’t seen ads yet on my friendster blog, but sooner or later if the blogs gets populated, they’ll surely implement ads — THEIR ads. There’s no way I can customize the theme that I activated on the control panel to insert ads, though the widgets can be accessed, and ads can be inserted there. But I’m not sure if that is allowed. The control panel was kind of similar to ~ probably because it uses the WordPress MU CMS ~ and this migration is only one big step for Friendster.

But ho dear Friendster, you’ve still got a lot of improvements to do! XD