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Receiving Spam on Imeem

I’m just so surprised that I was able to receive spam messages on Imeem. My email inbox was flooded with notifications from Imeem. I think it just started 2 days ago, I just thought someone REALLY sent me a personal message. From first 5 few messages, it eventually came flooding in with 20 more… and yesterday I noticed that I received notifications for every few minutes. And just now as I opened my email, I received 50+ new notifications. A bit alarmed, I opened my Imeem account and checked my received messages. A total of 100+ new messages. I would like to share some screenshots but I haven’t installed a photo editor yet.

Too bad. I just seen some good “aesthetic” changes with Imeem. But I guess some of the functions sucks. What I did with the 100+ spam messages? Here is some steps:

  1. I deleted it all manually from the message inbox on Imeem Messages Area. The messages are viewed 10 each on the panel, so there are 10 page nav below. I mean, are there no options for View All and Select All and Delete All?
  2. Everything that I marked as SPAM went on the Spam Folder. I deleted it manually again.
  3. Everything that I deleted on the Spam Folder went on the Trash Folder. I deleted it manually again. Jeez, isn’t there any EMPTY TRASH option?
  4. Yeah, for 30+ clicks and page refresh (I might be lucky if it was made by AJAX, but hell NO), at last it all vanished. Go mouse power.

Oh well. What I just did is I modified my privacy settings. I disabled from “everyone to send me a message and changed it to “friends“. And to make sure, I unchecked all the notifications to be sent on my email. I haven’t opened any of those spam messages, and hopefully I wouldn’t be a part of this spam.


Another face of Spam

Even though that I love to eat spam meat (at breakfast), that doesn’t mean I also love to receive those (unsolicited mails) at my mailbox. One of my legendary and gothic email address: the(underscore)gr8(underscore)lover(underscore)08(at)yahoo(dot)com – despite being inactive for years and activated again with the new ajax look few months before, it still attracts SPAM in large amounts. So I decided to cancel that account.

And now that I’ve got a new email, I’ve got another taste of spam.

At my inbox, the subject seems to be legitimate, a contact that notifies us they’re switching to Fanbox email. Not only that, they also sent an invitation to answer a certain question then invites you to create an account on them. Next thing I knew, the IE7 tabs multiplies fast (with all links on fanbox), and the browser freezes. I should have known it, I’m quite hesitant about following the link on my inbox, I should have googled it first, if only they don’t bugged me and kept me sending mails. And now, even if I never signed up, I got the “Welcome to Fanbox” email after logging in again on another browser. I followed the cancel link (and I never learned), and an error I got, telling me that they’ll continue to send “messages” (that is, SPAM, on my vocubulary) and the deletion will take effect in 24 hours. AS IF.

PHISHERS. A brief description about Fanbox was blogged by Jared Tracy. And here I am, ending up changing my passwords for extra security. Spread the word, fellow bloggers.