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Last blogging for the Year 2008

The Year of 2008 is the year of the Rat, by which, I am born under. There hasn’t been so much good experiences for the year although the stars were read lucky for me.

Now that the Year of the Ox is coming for more than 30 minutes from now, I couldn’t determine if the fate would allow me to successful, for the stars were read I am would be unlucky as opposed to what my guts say. They say Rats wouldn’t be lucky under the Year of the Ox – I say I can be as I am determined to be. Can I force my fate to change? Maybe. But I believe, like what “Final Destination” moral lesson is, no matter what you do, fate will make way to do what it is supposed to do.

Let me see how this goes after. I don’t know, but I hope if I did, fate wouldn’t force and do something worst in return.

My new year’s resolution? A new year is like a new beginning. It is like starting from scratch, or starting a new life. So a new year’s resolution is ideal to be listed on the start of the year. (Some people believed that they can list a new year’s resolution even if its not a new year – well, that is why it is called a New Year’s Resolution!)

I will list my new year’s resolution on the first day of the Year of the Ox. Happy Year of the Ox everyone! 🙂