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Greedy Eyes

You thought you can have everything with money... you just thought you can...

money sometimes can’t satisfy a certain person… that is why there are so-called, greedy people. why do we choose this profession? to earn money. and a sidebar of reason to help its own family. only a few do say: its my passion, its my joy to do such thing, its my life, my dream… and something that i don’t call work, but funness. reality it is to know that we were deep in burrows of financial crisis, that money is the only hope to survive. but too much is not enough for someone.

annoying is it, that you’ve met a greedy individual and who is not ashamed of acting such. isn’t it a great satisfying feeling that you’d like to slap a thick bundle of paper money unto his face and let him know evilness overtook his life. why wealthy people keeps getting rich and poor ones keeps on suffering… as they all say. wake up juan. money may save someone’s life, but it isn’t the life. money is there to spent, and if too much you have, share.


Dang! I lost my count –

…of my age. On the 22th of May, another year would be added to my age. I’m somewhat lost in my count, subconsciously I caught myself doing the simple math: 2009 – 1984 … eek.

Well anyway, sadly, and unfortunately in all events – I can sum something to this coming day: I effing wasted half of my life.

I envy Benjamin Button.

Receiving Spam on Imeem

I’m just so surprised that I was able to receive spam messages on Imeem. My email inbox was flooded with notifications from Imeem. I think it just started 2 days ago, I just thought someone REALLY sent me a personal message. From first 5 few messages, it eventually came flooding in with 20 more… and yesterday I noticed that I received notifications for every few minutes. And just now as I opened my email, I received 50+ new notifications. A bit alarmed, I opened my Imeem account and checked my received messages. A total of 100+ new messages. I would like to share some screenshots but I haven’t installed a photo editor yet.

Too bad. I just seen some good “aesthetic” changes with Imeem. But I guess some of the functions sucks. What I did with the 100+ spam messages? Here is some steps:

  1. I deleted it all manually from the message inbox on Imeem Messages Area. The messages are viewed 10 each on the panel, so there are 10 page nav below. I mean, are there no options for View All and Select All and Delete All?
  2. Everything that I marked as SPAM went on the Spam Folder. I deleted it manually again.
  3. Everything that I deleted on the Spam Folder went on the Trash Folder. I deleted it manually again. Jeez, isn’t there any EMPTY TRASH option?
  4. Yeah, for 30+ clicks and page refresh (I might be lucky if it was made by AJAX, but hell NO), at last it all vanished. Go mouse power.

Oh well. What I just did is I modified my privacy settings. I disabled from “everyone to send me a message and changed it to “friends“. And to make sure, I unchecked all the notifications to be sent on my email. I haven’t opened any of those spam messages, and hopefully I wouldn’t be a part of this spam.

Is it me or is it just the Friendster sucks?

I can’t make my Flickr flash/html badge to work on my profile. Scripts (javascript) are not working, html-enabled boxes unable to read the HTML table tags, media box unable to be emptied once filled (unless the layout would be reverted to default)… it just frustrates out of me.


And up until now, their blogs has no progress at all. And oh, I remember the time I was browsing/edit my photo albums, I encountered an option on the left side to be able to import photos from Flickr to Friendster but unfortunately that time it was soon-to-be-announced or “coming soon”. Where was it now anyway?

And duh… friendster messages are now being used like forwarded email messages. As a frequent user nowadays, I am expecting a personal message whenever there are email notifications about it. But lo and behold, it is quite disappointing to see it isn’t something I expected it to be.

Friendster is way too behind Multiply. As I logged in on my 2yr dormant account on Multiply recently, there are lots of good changes. On the other hand, I find Facebook a lot more flexible than Friendster – so, is there anything to expect from the people behind Friendster?