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Speak no Evil.

I would never speak ill any of my friends. If it is best to say what is true even if it can cause pain to the person, I wouldn’t do it in any way to humiliate this person in front of everybody else.

Yes everything is a cycle that we know we were circling around the journey of life. I may be abundant now and centless after a month or two. Karma is something we could care about, and thus what life would give us, is should we ever receive it without resentment.  Everything that is happening to us has a reason behind it, either we deserve it or something may return much better after. We never know.

Doing something to hurt someone is the least I can do and most probably without the dire intention. It would be awful – and worse, it wouldn’t look good on your side. It would cause pain on both sides, to you, and to that person. I agree that each individual has different personalities, each differently handle such situations… that one may absorb and never forget the pain, and one who shrugs off and never care to what others would say… but to experience something that is not good at that very moment… it is a thing you can never take it back regardless on how people handled the words that comes out of your mouth.

That’s you, I understand. But by just giving empathy to the person what would’ve he or she probably feel after, is one of the good deeds you’ve might give, that no amount of money can justify.

And by being me… I remember those who tries to care and as much as possible, gave it with less pain… and those who were inconsiderate and blurt out all that is whatever on their mind, without much thinking, who were trying to appear knowledgeable though instead they appear to be worst than the dumb because they enacted as an unethical fool.

I hope we all learn from Heidi and Spencer Pratt:

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