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Greedy Eyes

You thought you can have everything with money... you just thought you can...

money sometimes can’t satisfy a certain person… that is why there are so-called, greedy people. why do we choose this profession? to earn money. and a sidebar of reason to help its own family. only a few do say: its my passion, its my joy to do such thing, its my life, my dream… and something that i don’t call work, but funness. reality it is to know that we were deep in burrows of financial crisis, that money is the only hope to survive. but too much is not enough for someone.

annoying is it, that you’ve met a greedy individual and who is not ashamed of acting such. isn’t it a great satisfying feeling that you’d like to slap a thick bundle of paper money unto his face and let him know evilness overtook his life. why wealthy people keeps getting rich and poor ones keeps on suffering… as they all say. wake up juan. money may save someone’s life, but it isn’t the life. money is there to spent, and if too much you have, share.


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