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Almost 3 Years in Profession and 8 Years of Passion

…of being a designer.

The internet since 2001 has a lot to do with my current skills. I’ve been visiting through a lot of websites, learning and self-studying what I’ve subconsciously loving… design – well, digital art, graphics, and of course, web.

Now that the internet is at its peak, I’ve noticed a rapid growth in number of new inspiring designers. I’m quite sad on my selfish side since the the used-to-be rare breeds of designers were mixed with new generation of inspiring and some equally-talented or more talented designers. Hell I know its normal, but I just can’t imagine that human adaptation to emerging technology can be this fast. And now internet websites were multiplying as fast as humans!

Oh well, on what I can say to them:

1. Anyone can be a designer, but only a few can be a talented designer – its in a learning process, but sadly if this wasn’t really in your heart, the creativeness inside you would be remain unfolded and all things you attempt would just be a failure.

2. As most of the renowned artists out on the web say: be inspired but don’t copy – if you’d like to be successful among the pool of designers, do something unique and stand out. And so I reiterate: don’t follow trends, set them. I say, designing is exciting if there are a lots of discovery – shout out your inner creativeness; show them, share them. Don’t be selfish, dammit*, remember where you came from – if you learned from the web, share it on the web.

3. Expand your skills– I knew someone who’s just limited to one skill, but in a year I’ve learned that he now does multi-tasking; from design, to blogging, to front end coding, to SEO, and so on. But of course, don’t forget to set and consider a Primary Skill (which most probably your first skill ever learned).

This of course applies to all skills: creative writing, back end programming, etc.


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  ggw_bach wrote @

design still has a way to go … usability is a key issue. How text flows on a screen, how information is organised on a ‘webpage’ … you visit some artistic design sites and they really demonstrate how well it can be done.

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