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Celebrating 25 Years of Existence, ‘Still’

Yes, I did wasted half of my life, never enjoyed it to the fullest, and I kept memories of a dull and boring life.

But I did missed the 80’s and 90’s – in my younger years. That in time, I considered myself as batang kalye. My world only focuses outside the house, where I make friends or foes and experiencing everything that I never thought somehow I enjoyed my youth. Every physical activities that I enjoyed reminiscing; the fights, the naughtiness, the grossness. I wish I could share everything in here. I know its possible, but I’ll try.

For the meantime, what makes me miss and reminisce my youth?

I am sucker of TV shows since childhood. I even locked myself on a room with a TV and can stay there for the whole day without eating… but actually I only achieved to stay half day. So here are some of the TV classic commercials that made warp back to the 80’s and 90’s:

YES, Eraserheads really is a big part of the 90’s – every hit song reminds me of the past.

Me and my cousin argues if this was KC Concepcion, hehe…

These ones are randoms, but are definitely unforgettable.

Some people even recommend this for me to use.

One of the ‘Wow’ and ‘Aaaay’ moments.

Made me chuckle when I first saw this.

Hay, this warms everybody’s  heart.

I miss the Coke beat.

Warming…but then, we wonder where all those Coke bottles came from.


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