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Almost 3 Years in Profession and 8 Years of Passion

…of being a designer.

The internet since 2001 has a lot to do with my current skills. I’ve been visiting through a lot of websites, learning and self-studying what I’ve subconsciously loving… design – well, digital art, graphics, and of course, web.

Now that the internet is at its peak, I’ve noticed a rapid growth in number of new inspiring designers. Read the rest of this entry »


Celebrating 25 Years of Existence, ‘Still’

Yes, I did wasted half of my life, never enjoyed it to the fullest, and I kept memories of a dull and boring life.

But I did missed the 80’s and 90’s – in my younger years. That in time, I considered myself as batang kalye. My world only focuses outside the house, where I make friends or foes and experiencing everything that I never thought somehow I enjoyed my youth. Every physical activities that I enjoyed reminiscing; the fights, the naughtiness, the grossness. I wish I could share everything in here. I know its possible, but I’ll try. Read the rest of this entry »

Dang! I lost my count –

…of my age. On the 22th of May, another year would be added to my age. I’m somewhat lost in my count, subconsciously I caught myself doing the simple math: 2009 – 1984 … eek.

Well anyway, sadly, and unfortunately in all events – I can sum something to this coming day: I effing wasted half of my life.

I envy Benjamin Button.