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Receiving Spam on Imeem

I’m just so surprised that I was able to receive spam messages on Imeem. My email inbox was flooded with notifications from Imeem. I think it just started 2 days ago, I just thought someone REALLY sent me a personal message. From first 5 few messages, it eventually came flooding in with 20 more… and yesterday I noticed that I received notifications for every few minutes. And just now as I opened my email, I received 50+ new notifications. A bit alarmed, I opened my Imeem account and checked my received messages. A total of 100+ new messages. I would like to share some screenshots but I haven’t installed a photo editor yet.

Too bad. I just seen some good “aesthetic” changes with Imeem. But I guess some of the functions sucks. What I did with the 100+ spam messages? Here is some steps:

  1. I deleted it all manually from the message inbox on Imeem Messages Area. The messages are viewed 10 each on the panel, so there are 10 page nav below. I mean, are there no options for View All and Select All and Delete All?
  2. Everything that I marked as SPAM went on the Spam Folder. I deleted it manually again.
  3. Everything that I deleted on the Spam Folder went on the Trash Folder. I deleted it manually again. Jeez, isn’t there any EMPTY TRASH option?
  4. Yeah, for 30+ clicks and page refresh (I might be lucky if it was made by AJAX, but hell NO), at last it all vanished. Go mouse power.

Oh well. What I just did is I modified my privacy settings. I disabled from “everyone to send me a message and changed it to “friends“. And to make sure, I unchecked all the notifications to be sent on my email. I haven’t opened any of those spam messages, and hopefully I wouldn’t be a part of this spam.


  nadine wrote @

i’ve experienced the same. imeem sucks now eeh?’s so tiring to delete. must’ve been awful for you. haha. i’m deleting them now..

  dirtyraven wrote @

ah yeahhhh, so much for the labor. lumaki na ang muscles ng forefinger ko sa kaka click. haaay…

  nadine wrote @

oow nga eh! cute ng character ni jini. tagal ipalabas yung ISWAK 2 sa channel tu….aii nako, alam mu tinamad naren ako burahin. hahak. ang dami kasi, 100+ binura mo na nga sa inbox pagdating sa trash, check all, delete parin, dat meron na lang na empty parang sa email. nagulat akow, filipino ka pala. Ü thanks for dropping by my blog too! hihi. tinype ko lang kasi sa google “spam in imeem” ata yun, kaya napadpad akow sa blog mo!! sige sige. God bles 😀

  ablackanimal wrote @

If you are tired of imeem but want a way to connect with artists and musicians and then you should check out
If you are tired of imeem all together than you should probably leave your bedroom and go interact with the real world 😉

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