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Is it me or is it just the Friendster sucks?

I can’t make my Flickr flash/html badge to work on my profile. Scripts (javascript) are not working, html-enabled boxes unable to read the HTML table tags, media box unable to be emptied once filled (unless the layout would be reverted to default)… it just frustrates out of me.


And up until now, their blogs has no progress at all. And oh, I remember the time I was browsing/edit my photo albums, I encountered an option on the left side to be able to import photos from Flickr to Friendster but unfortunately that time it was soon-to-be-announced or “coming soon”. Where was it now anyway?

And duh… friendster messages are now being used like forwarded email messages. As a frequent user nowadays, I am expecting a personal message whenever there are email notifications about it. But lo and behold, it is quite disappointing to see it isn’t something I expected it to be.

Friendster is way too behind Multiply. As I logged in on my 2yr dormant account on Multiply recently, there are lots of good changes. On the other hand, I find Facebook a lot more flexible than Friendster – so, is there anything to expect from the people behind Friendster?


  jhOy imPeRiaL wrote @

don’t worry ate marian. i am with you and a lot of others. 😉

their system has started to slow down and fail for a long time now. i hope they could still fixed that. afterall, it would be a waste being one of the top social networking site if the system is not working right.

  dirtyraven wrote @

Too bad I just can’t leave it behind, I’ve got long lost friends listed on it. Have to learn to live with it (online). ^^

  mhar wrote @

oo nga, dami ko na ring narereciv na unsolicited messages sa fs. kainis. anyway salamat sa pagdalaw.

  Ivan Toar wrote @

I am REALLY mad at friendster. They load slow, fails at creating groups. Opening page needs to refresh and others

  ash wrote @

yeah, it sux. i was trying to import my photos from multiply to friendster pero nawawala yung link. Nawawala yung option na yun. I had to google search pa para makakuha ng direct link para makapag import.

  dirtyraven wrote @

and also they bombarded lots of ads left and right of the “home” of our accounts. i remember one time, when I viewed my profile, parang iba yung layout ?! then when i reloaded the page, dating layout na yung nagload. dahm, its their advertisement (Smart Phils. yung theme, AFAIR) pala na-nireplace yung layout ko.

helllooo… and when they do changes, wala ba silang BETA site for their testing purposes at live na nagkakaroon ng intermittent changes sa site?! i noticed na nawawala yung mga pictures and minsan albums pa mismo. ughhh.. it really sucks!

  sanct_arvin wrote @

lol i strongly agree.

Comments are now used as a chatbox.
badtrip din ung doble dobleng mga request for an application.
kakasawa tanggalin.

  email address friendster account friends cancel wrote @

email address friendster account friends cancel…

Thousands of poor folk……

  dess wrote @

Naku ate marian, lipat ka na sa facebook, oh di kaya..multiply.hehehe

  rakista wrote @

yea it sux, but i need it ryt now, :), i h0pe they’l upgrade it sooner or later for better enjoyment

  Roy Vincent wrote @

haii… kala ko internet ko lng ang my prob ang bagal mag load sa home page, kaya nag dadirect nlng ako sa link ng message at profiles ko sa tagal mag load ng home page nila ampz!

kung lilipat lng lahat ng friends ko sa fs to facebook cancel ko na account ko sa fs kakabagot overlay lng nmn humihila sa akin pabalik

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