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3G iPhone for 8k++

Steve Jobs already announced (well, I’m a bit late for the news though) the availability of 3G iPhone to be released on 25 Countries, gladly, including Philippines. It would be officially released worldwide by July, and it would be available here locally probably by September.

The price would be fixed at $199 USD for 8GB and $299 for 16GB iPhone, worldwide. Nice eh? But there’s a catch… the iPhone would be released by Globe under postpaid or prepaid plans. And as of now, the prepaid plan has been on pending decision yet. Just in case, the 3G iPhone under prepaid would land on a price of at least PhP20,000 ~ PhP25,000 globe-locked. If you wonder what would be price under postpaid plans, check as someone does the math.

On my part, I just thought I became too excited so early. After counting some numbers, it was like someone slapped me to reality. I really thought I can exactly expect some PhP8,000 on iPhone from the market. Oh well.


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  mhar wrote @

sarap siguro magkaroonng ganyan.

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